Paul Antieri wrote that he and Patricia and were planning to meet Tony and Sandi Kosinski in Vegas, where Paul planned to play lots of poker and catch a few shows while staying at the Tropicana Hotel. Based on the Facebook photos they posted, a good time was had by all!

Paul Antieri

lives in California

Pete Attas told us that he and his wife Terri are doing well in Maryland.

Peter Attas

lives in Maryland

Susan Barbash told us that she and her husband, Brian Allen ’77, had an exciting January watching their adopted college James Madison University (both their daughters attended) win the FCS Football National Championship in Frisco, TX. She explained “What started as an excuse to visit Alex, turned into regularly following JMU sports.“ She added, “I loved my time at Stevens; I think I would do it again.“

Susan Barbash & Brian Allen

live in Virginia

Stephen Bauer wrote: I have been married to Lindy Wong, originally from Hong Kong, for 26 years. We have two sons, Andrew and Michael, ages 24 and 22, with the latter in his last year at Rutgers. I have been employed at Citigroup for the past 36 years and am looking forward to retirement. We have been living in Hazlet, NJ for the past 20 years.

Stephen Bauer

lives in New Jersey

Steve Craffen wrote: I can’t believe 40 years have gone by since we graduated! A lot has happened over the years and I’m sure we can all say that. I left engineering in the 1980’s and founded my own investment advisory firm in 1992 (Oakland, NJ). We are fee only and manage client portfolios and provide financial planning services. I’m also on the national board of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors ( and was recently nominated to be national chair. I’ve been married to Deborah since 1992 after becoming a widower the year before. Deborah also owns her own business, a Retro Fitness franchise (Retro Fitness of Kenvil). We have a 15 year old daughter, Carly who is attending a Catholic high school. No plans on retiring hopefully for many years. We both love owning and running businesses in fact we hope to continue to grow them. I’m still in touch with some friends from Stevens including Michael Germinario (’77) and Vincent Sacco (’76) in fact I see both of them quite often. We used to see Bill Livanos (’77) until he tragically passed away in 2014. Our remembrances of him were in a previous Indicator class log. We plan on attending our 40th reunion this June in fact even my daughter Carly wants to go (not sure why, we’re just a bunch of old people now).

Stephen Craffen

lives in New Jersey

Sigmund Grudzinski wrote: I’m the Test Lead for the Information Directorate, Air Force Research Lab. I’m responsible for both technical and safety reviews. Our daughter is an F-18E Super Hornet avionics technician with the Navy in Japan. This is her 1st duty station. Now we have a reason to visit Japan.

Sigmund Grudzinski

lives in Rome, NY

Richard Krajewski wrote: I’m just continuing to take classes, nothing new really to report. It would be great to see everyone at the reunion; I hope I can make it.

Richard Krajewski

lives in Pennsylvania

Charlie Maguire told us: I plan to attend Alumni Weekend. I live in Florida most of the year and am retired. I contacted Eran Wajswol. He says he and Debbie also plan to attend the reunion.

Charlie Maguire

lives in Florida

Tom writes: Hi Classmates! Regrets that I will miss our 40th Reunion while on business travel, but I hope to get back to Hoboken later this summer. Perhaps I can meet up with a few classmates then. I appreciate the photos and stories posted! I have been living in Pittsburgh with my wife Barbara since 1996 and have been working as a Staff member of Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute since 2004. I’m sure everyone will enjoy Alumni Weekend 2017!

Tom Merendino

lives in Pennsylvania

Dawn Ortell states: Vic and I plan to attend Alumni Weekend and will be bringing the dog. Her name is Stasia (a play on the name Anastasia).

Dawn Ortell

lives in New Jersey

WOW!! We graduated 40 years ago! Life has been a good ride since. I’ve been blessed with a great wife Lynne, 3 fantastic daughters, 3 son-in-laws and a wonderful happy 2 ½ year old granddaughter. After medical school, I spent 9 years in the Navy, three as a flight surgeon, and got to do some incredible flying, then did an ophthalmology residency at Bethesda. I had the opportunity to do 10 overseas eye surgery projects that opened my eyes to the other half of the world. At age 50, I went back to school doing a fellowship in glaucoma in Boston. Since then I’ve been in private practice in Connecticut. Over the years I have graduated from skiing to snowboarding and from windsurfing to kiteboarding. Best times still have been sailing/skiing with the family and now hours playing in Central Park with my granddaughter. Hope all is well with everyone and looking forward to joining the “Old Guard” someday.

Jim Pasternak

lives in Connecticut