Fellow Classmates:

As a part of our 40th Class Reunion efforts, we are planning for a class gift to Stevens.
We are setting our sights on the following “77” goals:
·       Class Donation Participation rate: 77%
·       Begin funding of an endowed class scholarship.

While these goals are challenging, we can achieve success – if we all pitch in.

Since 1999, our class has had a term scholarship that has helped many Stevens students, like the students showcased below, by dispersing over $30,000 since its inception. By building an endowed scholarship our class can leave a legacy that will continue to help future students. The Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to a full-time sophomore or junior from any of the undergraduate schools within the university who demonstrates financial need, academic excellence and community volunteerism.

Amount of Donation

Your individual contribution, no matter how small, combined with those of your classmates, can add up quickly and encourage other classmates to contribute.

Ways to Donate

Online: (Save yourself a stamp, time, and a trip to the mailbox!)
(select: Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship)
(to give to other categories)

Phone: Call Neddie Ramadan in the Alumni Office at 201.216.5168.

Mail: Complete and send the gift form shown below together with a check made out to “Stevens Institute of Technology” to:

Stevens Institute of Technology Development Office
Castle Point on Hudson
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Gift Form

Please designate your donation to the Class of ’77 Endowed  Scholarship.

Anyone who has already made their gift and would like to change their designation to the Class of 1977 Endowment Scholarship may do so by calling Neddie Ramadan at the number shown above.  There is a $3,000 limit on the funds that can be transferred.


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Class of 1977 Term Scholarship Recipients

Meet your Stevens Scholars

I cannot express how happy I am to be the recipient of the Class of 1977 Scholarship. It is truly an honor to be given this financial support in the form of a scholarship. I am sincerely grateful for your generosity in funding this scholarship. Being a recipient of this scholarship has motivated me even more to strive to do better, and work harder. I will take full advantage of the opportunity, and ensure that I express my gratitude in the form of dedication in my studies here at Stevens. Once again, I thank you for establishing this scholarship to provide me, and other students, this generous support. I am truly grateful for making my education possible, and intend to work upon this benefaction.

Albab Ali

Chemical Engineering

Thank you for your generous donations in making the Class of 1977 Scholarship possible. The ability to continue my studies at Stevens in order to accomplish my dream of becoming an engineer just like my grandfather was, and both my uncles are. The friends I have made at Stevens will last a lifetime and the knowledge I have learned can be passed down to future generations and last forever. Thank you again for your generous donations that make this scholarship possible.

Jovanna Manzari

Chemical Engineering

Thank you so much for the Class of 1977 Scholarship. I have been taking out a tremendous amount of money in loans over the past three semesters and am truly grateful for this scholarship. My mom keeps saying, “Joey, you better get a good job”, and I continue to reply, “Stevens is the only reason I might be able to”. Thank you to the Class of 1977 for this gift you are giving to me, I promise to not forget what others have done for me in the future when I can hopefully give to others.

Joseph Vitiello

Mechanical Engineering